Jeff Beck

I received my B.A. in computer science and math from Luther College, a small liberal arts college in northeast Iowa. I feel that my liberal arts background helps me have a well-rounded perspective on computer science.

I did graduate work at the University of Minnesota; with research around online communities. I am also studied usability, tagging and recommender systems.

Between 2006 and 2009, I was a contractor and freelancer. In my freelancing I concentrated on web-based projects, building various e-commerce solutions and web- based business applications. I made sites functional and worked with designers to bring their vision to life. I mostly worked in PHP, Python, and MySQL.

As a contractor I worked in the medical device field building various database solutions to support device development and the devices themselves, working mostly in Java with a mix of MS-SQL, MySQL, and Oracle.

Since mid 2009 I have been working in the world of elearning. I have been focused on maintaining a one main LMS and supporting efforts around two other LMS platforms. This platform work has been mostly Java and MySQL based but leaning heavily on my past web experiences. Along with the server side work there was significant work I am involved in using jQuery and CSS.

I have also been working recently around HTML5 based mobile development (iPhone, Android, webOS) doing some very interesting things with JavaScript and video elements to create MLOs. Further I have been working on proving out concepts of elearning on the iPad as well. These efforts are pushing me to the cutting edge of the new web applications.

I am also involved in social media and virtual events spaces. The social media I provide not only the support of a PHP based internal social network but also expertise on online communities. I help with issues of self regulation and build tools necessary to administrate an internal enterprise social network in a regulated industry. The virtual events have allowed me to work with third parties providing live video streams that would then seamlessly transition into archival links once the live event was finished.